Who Is Big Meech Wife, Girlfriend, , or Mother?

big meech wife

Big Meech wife, also known as Demetrius Flenory, is a notorious former drug dealer and the founder of the Black Mafia Family (BMF). Throughout his criminal career, he has had various relationships with women, including a wife, girlfriend, and mother. In this article, we will delve into the details of his personal life and the women who have been associated with him.

Big Meech’s Wife: Janell Flenory

Janell Flenory is Big Meech’s wife. The couple got married in 2001 and have two children together. Janell has been a loyal supporter of her husband throughout his criminal career, even during his time in prison. She has been known to speak out on behalf of her husband and the BMF, defending their actions and arguing that they were unfairly targeted by law enforcement.

In an interview with Vibe magazine, Janell stated, “We’re not the monsters they make us out to be. We’re human beings with families and loved ones just like everyone else.” She went on to explain that the BMF was more than just a drug trafficking organization, but also a business that provided opportunities and jobs for people in their community.

Janell has been relatively private about her personal life, and there is not much information available about her outside of her association with Big Meech.

Big Meech’s Girlfriend: Ashlee Monroe

Ashlee Monroe is Big Meech’s former girlfriend. The couple dated for a few years before Big Meech’s incarceration. Ashlee was known to be a popular Instagram model and social media influencer, with a large following on her social media accounts.

Ashlee and Big Meech’s relationship became public knowledge after she posted a photo of herself with him on Instagram. The photo quickly went viral, and many people were surprised to see Big Meech, who was in prison at the time, in a photo with a woman.

Ashlee was criticized by some for her association with Big Meech and for seemingly glorifying his criminal activities on social media. She defended herself by stating that she was not condoning his actions but was simply in a relationship with him.

Since Big Meech’s incarceration, Ashlee has moved on from their relationship and has continued to pursue her career as a model and influencer.

Big Meech’s Mother: Lucille Flenory

Lucille Flenory is Big Meech’s mother. She has been a constant presence in his life and has been his biggest supporter since he was a child. Lucille has spoken out publicly about her son’s case, arguing that he was unfairly targeted by law enforcement and received an overly harsh sentence.

In an interview with Rolling Stone, Lucille stated, “My son has always been a good boy. He made some mistakes, but he doesn’t deserve to be in prison for the rest of his life.” She went on to explain that her son’s involvement in the drug trade was a result of the lack of opportunities and resources in their community.

Lucille has also been vocal about the impact that her son’s incarceration has had on their family. She has spoken out about the emotional toll it has taken on her and her grandchildren, who miss their father dearly.


Big Meech’s personal life has been a topic of interest for many people, given his notorious criminal career. His relationships with his wife, girlfriend, and mother have all been influential in his life and have shaped his public persona. While there is not much information available about Janell Flenory and Lucille Flenory, Ashlee Monroe gained attention for her relationship with Big Meech and her social media presence. Regardless of their roles in Big Meech’s life, these women have all been impacted

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