How long does a root canal take?

How long does a root canal take

“How long does a root canal take?” is a question you may have. Quick Answer: Simple root canals usually require just one appointment, lasting anywhere from 30 to 60 minutes. However, severe cases might need up to 90 minutes. In such situations, a second appointment might be necessary if the dentist suggests a crown or a long-lasting filling for the tooth.

A dental procedure called a root canal removes the damaged tooth’s roots while leaving the healthy tooth intact. When your soft tissue becomes infected, the procedure becomes necessary. Our dentist at Mission Bend Family Dentistry carefully removes the damaged tissue during a root canal procedure and then seals it to ward off re-infection. This course of treatment is widely used. This procedure is carried out by dentists and endodontists more than 15 million times annually.

How long does a root canal take to cure?

For one canal tooth, the dentist can finish a straightforward root canal procedure in 30 to 60 minutes. However, you should plan on spending roughly 90 minutes in the dentist’s chair for the procedure. The removal, cleaning, and disinfection of your nerve makes this procedure time-consuming.

While some teeth have multiple pulp canals, others only have one. Anaesthesia, setup, and preparation can all take a while. The location of your infected tooth affects how long your root canal procedure takes.


The teeth in the back of your mouth are called molars. A root canal procedure may take the dentist 90 minutes or longer if an infection develops in your molars. This is due to the fact that molars are the most difficult teeth to treat because they can have up to four canals.


The teeth between your molars and canines are called premolars, and they typically have one or two canals. Accordingly, depending on the anatomy of your tooth, you should allow the dentist an hour or a few minutes longer to complete a root canal.

Canine and incisors

Your front teeth are your incisors and canines. They are the quickest to fill and treat during a root canal because they have just one root. Without taking into account the time required to install a crown, it might still take 45 to 60 minutes.

It may take at least a further 60 minutes to place the crown, or your dentist may call you back for a second appointment. Most of the time, the dentist advises delaying placing a crown for a short period of time after a root canal to ensure that your tooth has healed properly.

Why do root canals occasionally need two appointments?

  • Depending on the affected tooth, a second appointment may be necessary for a root canal. Cleaning the tooth will be the main focus of the initial appointment. This step of the process takes time because it calls for attention to detail. In order to relieve your tooth pain, the dentist will next treat your tooth with a short-term antibacterial medication.
  • More cleaning is done during the second stage of the root canal procedure, and the inside of your tooth is sealed. The functions of your tooth will then be restored by the dentist using a permanent or temporary filling or a crown.

Oral care after a root canal treatment

After your initial root canal appointment, you may need to wait a week or two before having a crown placed. During this time, you should only eat soft foods and rinse your mouth with warm salt water. Your unprotected tooth will be shielded from damage and kept clear of food particles by doing this. 

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