How To Spend Summer In London With The Kids You Care For When You Are A British Governess

There are people who don’t like summer, but at least the majority like summer break. Especially London governesses can think of a zillion ways to spend their summer with the children they care for. Basically, you don’t even have to have tons of money to have fun and here we will discuss different ways to spend summer in London with the kids you care for when you are a British governess. 

This summer in London, there are many exciting things to look forward to as social distance laws are finally loosening and the sun finally makes a comeback. Furthermore, London has flooded with free activities for your kids this summer break, which is even better. So relax, get a cup of coffee, and let us handle the labor (or anxiety) of helping you arrange your summer activities.  

Extrovert Or Introvert British Governess- Spending Summer In London With The Kids You Care For Has Never Been More Awesome

These days scrolling the Internet is becoming more and more exhausting. There are maybe some “professional” tests that can cause you self-doubt when choosing a career. Therefore, we are here to convince you that even if you are introverted, you can be a perfect London governess. Particularly this paragraph will help you learn that there are tons of ways to have fun with children even if you are not so social.

With some kids, you will even agree better than others have ever agreed with them. Now, here comes the part when you tell us that ok, that is fine, but what about summer activities where you have a vast number of people in parks and similar? Rest assured that there is a solution to that!  

Whether you are an extrovert or introvert you can choose what you want to do and some of the most popular summer London activities are: 

  • Beach activities
  • Cinema
  • Crafternoons
  • Camps
  • Museums

To be honest there is also a huge number of activities that we have not mentioned but we listed some of the most popular ones so now we will talk about each and every one of them for a bit. 

Spend The Time On The Beach During London Summer As British Governess

Some would say that London and beaches aren’t exactly the most obvious pairing.

However, JW3’s Beach is open for free throughout July and August, and it lies right in the center of Hampstead. Even though finding beach activities for kids in London can sometimes be tiresome you will always find some beach or some activity. 

Join JW3’s activities every Monday-Thursday and find yourself and your kids a perfectly free, interactive, creative, and unforgettable beach experience. Whether they are into crafts or some interactive classes of acting or singing you will find your “place under the sun” and as they say: “ Don’t Worry, Beach Happy” 🙂 

If you are more on the introverted side, both of you can isolate and enjoy making sand castles and calming wave sounds. Also, if it gets too hot, you can jump into a pool and cool off a little.

A British Governess In A Cinema- Sounds Fun, Doesn’t It? 

We are living in a Tik Tok era and you know it. Social networks are everywhere and cinema can sound a bit retro we admit. However, if you make it fun and choose the film per your kids’ likes, this activity is bingo since it can be both fun and soothing or educational. 

If the child you care for as a London governess is a bit shy, this is a great activity to break the ice and let them enjoy their peace and quiet. Picking this type of activity for a kid that you meet for the first time and if you are both introverted can be great since it does not demand so much talking. 

Of course that does not mean that extroverted people cannot go to the cinema, we are just giving an example- the same way as introverted kids and governesses can enjoy the peace and quiet of an isolated spot on the beach. All in all, if you choose a suitable genre, the kids will be thrilled to watch something and you can use this time to relax a bit also. 

Crafternoons Can Be Awesome Too

It may sound a bit old, but in this case, the “old but gold” saying sounds perfect. Maybe the kids will frown in the beginning, but they soon can become consumed by the activities and before you notice it they will be way into the crafts more than you have ever imagined. 

Making a space alien or spacecraft can sound cheesy to the kids, however, you will notice that if they have a great teacher it will take all of their focus and attention. Of course, that is not the only activity they can have since there are more crafternoon activities, however, this has proven to be one of the most popular ones. 

Basically, it is all about working with your hands and using logic and imagination. You will need: 

You’ll need:

  • Paper plates or bowls
  • A pom pom
  • A clear plastic cup or tub
  • Silver paint

Pom poms and silver paint you can also reuse for some other crafternoons. 

Camps And Museums To Go To When You Are A British Governess Taking Care Of Kids During London Summer 

Okay, so this one costs a little more and not all parents will be able to afford it, but in case you are working for one of the wealthy ones,  you can’t go wrong with Rising Stars Camps at some beaches for example. There are tons of entertaining and active summer activities for your kids on the beaches in London.

These camps will keep your kids active and entertained five-six days a week with their jam-packed schedule of sporting events, arts and crafts projects, theatre, indoor games, musical games, and special activities.  

Then we have Natural History Museum and Science Museum. There are more of them but these two can be especially fun. The Natural History Museum is the best and most awesome and magnificent dinosaur museum in London

After that, you can feel the earth shake beneath you in the earthquake simulator. The Science Museum is both fun and educational since you can walk through the digital evolution.

All in all, don’t listen to people that will tell you that there is not much to do in London since if you are a great UK governess, there will be a lot of fun and educational moments whenever you go. 

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