You can use the following five herbal teas to relieve gas and bloating: wellhealthorganic.com:5-herbal-teas-you-can-consume-to-get-relief-from-bloating-and-gas

Top 5 herbal teas include:


An efficient anti-inflammatory is ginger. In addition, it contains a substance called gingerol that has been shown to reduce bloating. Moreover, it aids in the relief of motion sickness. It is understood to reduce inflammation and calm the Gastrointestinal tract “says Smith. Smith.


When I was a child, my mother would always tell me to chew on a peppermint whenever I had a stomach ache. There is something to be said for peppermint and its usefulness in soothing stomach troubles, though I’m not sure how much sugar helped with my gastro issues and stomach issues. According to certain studies, peppermint tea includes sufficient levels of the herb to alleviate symptoms. “Peppermint oil has been demonstrated to be useful in relieving stomach pain, bloating, and gas,” says Shapiro. Shapiro.wellhealthorganic.com:5-herbal-teas-you-can-consume-to-get-relief-from-bloating-and-gas


Although fennel is being researched for its various health-improving benefits, we’ll focus on its ability to lower gastric inflammation since you’re here to reduce bloating. Fennel helps the body produce more bile while also helping to remove gas from the intestines. Your body will be more capable of breaking down fats, particularly those found in dairy products, which can be one of the main causes of an uncomfortable stomach ache, the more bile you make. cannot locate fennel tea at any stores? According to Shapiro, you can smash some seeds and then steep them in water.


This tea’s capacity to make you go asleep is probably what will make you recognise it, but it also works to calm an upset or bloated stomach. Together with other digestive health problems, inflammation in the gut wall can result in bloating. According to some preliminary research, chamomile extract may be able to prevent diarrhea and stomach ulcers because of its anti-inflammatory qualities, according to Smith. Smith.

Dandelion Root

Shapiro claims that because this tea is a natural diuretic, it will aid in lowering excess water weight or retention by causing an increase in urine. Shapiro. The daily trip to the toilet may not be enjoyable, but the extra fluid flow may reduce bloating. The chemical has been used for a long time to treat many different conditions, including inflammation and anxiety. wellhealthorganic.com:5-herbal-teas-you-can-consume-to-get-relief-from-bloating-and-gas.

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